Clare O'Neill | Contemporary PhotoEncaustic Artist



Hi there! I’m Clare, a contemporary artist working with photographs, pigments, beeswax, and oils.

I’m a passion-fuelled artist and entrepreneur. I believe art makes each of us (and the spaces we live in) more lively and dynamic…..completing our rooms and feeding our souls.

I believe each of us has our own unique sense of style…..with art being an extension of our individual style. There are umpteen reasons why we may or may not connect to a piece of artwork. But at its most sublime, art transports us to a time, a place, a feeling, or a memory. We are reminded of some profound connection; it becomes a commentary on our lives: past, present, or imagined.







+ + + + +  Be Moved, inspired, and captivated – Each piece of work is beautifully created with intent–each with its own story to tell. It’s these everyday stories that connect us, to our own lives and those close to us. So whether this is your first piece or you are adding to your growing collection, go ahead and see yourself in the art you choose. Live with art, personalize your space, and feed your soul.


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+ + + + + Learn the process – You love photography and want to put more of yourself into your work all while being more hands on. I love that too. If you are interested in learning the process, visit my teaching web site at, where you’ll learn tons of good stuff about taking your photographs to new dimensions and creative possibilities.

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